"Almost Heaven"

Made in Florida

Hand Made


Our Wrist Cuffs are made with GENUINE LEATHER! They are lovingly crafted by hand in my home shop with domestic & exotic hides from all over the world. Each piece is treated with quality leather dye & protective oil. Instructions for care and a description of the leather used are included with each piece. They make excellent gifts (3rd wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas, yourself, etc.) and will last for many years to come!     


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Watch Cuff 8-1/2" x 2"  

              Watchband         WC-002                  $55.00

                          Turtle Wrist Cuff (8-1/2 x 2)

   Turtle/Celtic-Knot     WC-001       $40.00         


Thors Hammer

       Thor's Hammer      WC-003      $65.00

Round End Board Made with American Maple & Brazilian Cherry "Jatoba" ( 7-1/2 x 18-3/4 x 1")   

           Jatoba             MJR-01                        $95.00

Maple & Walnut 6-1/2" x 16-1/2" x 1"

          Maple & Walnut            MW-03                         $75.00

  Maple & Goncalo Alves 'Tigerwood' (6-1/2 x 17 x 1" 

     Celtic Crosses CCR-01     $55.00

Round Board Made From Mahogany (10 in. Diameter)

            Celtic Tree of Life                  CTOL-01                  $60.00

   American Maple & Black Walnut (7 x 18 x 1-1/4)

       Mystery Braids          MB-01                      $10.00 ea.

 "Calico" Board, Made with five different wood species.

           Various     CALL                 $15.00-40.     

  Maple & Brazilian Cherry

        Celtic Dogs         CDGS-01            $75.00


     Maple & Tigerwood         MTW-04                  $75.00

Maple Walnut 6-3/4" x 17-3/4"   Maple & Walnut 

MW-01              $75.00

Bamboo Cutting Board (6-1/2 x 18 x 1-1/4) 

       Bamboo           BAM01               $65.00   SOLD

Red Oak & Walnut Cutting Board

         Red Oak\Walnut           BWRO-01               $75.00 

 "Calico" Board, Made with four different woods.

        Calico- 4 Species             Gifted

Black Walnut & Maple

MW-05              $75.00

Sampler of my cutting boards

Cutting Board Sampler


Maple\Black Walnut

MW-06              $75.00

Mahogany Cutting Board


MSQ-01               $45.00

Teak Cutting Board

Teak Cutting Board


Other Handmade Items
         Segmented Ornament Maple & Walnut           Segmented Ornament   $45.00            SOLD

           This Mortar & Pestle stands approx. 10 inches tall and 5 inches diameter.            

 Black Walnut     Mortar & Pestle 


Maple & Tigerwood w/350 segments of wood! Maple & Tigerwood Ornament

SO-02                 Gifted

                       Maple & Tigerwood  Ornament


Ornament Blank

Ornament  Blank 


This is a 'Pirate Ship' Elevated bed made for a 9 year-old.

     "Pirate Ship" Bed       Black Walnut

      "Pirate Ship" Bed        Black Walnut

Detail of Walnut Bunk Bed

        "Pirate Ship" Bed           Black Walnut

Headboard Walnut Bunk Bed

       "Pirate Ship" Bed             Black Walnut

Black Walnut Gavel


Segmenting a project prior to assembly. Pestle being turned on the lathe.

Black Walnut Gavel


assembling & gluing a project. Gluing up a project.

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